EMS Hot Cool Facial Massager ( Máy Nâng Cơ Mặt)

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EMS Hot Cool Facial Massager 


* Hot and Cool: Skincare temperature can be adjusted in the range 6-42 ℃ (± 5 ℃). You can choose from a variety of temperatures to suit a variety of skin care needs.
* All in one function: Ion and anion, blue and red light, EMS, vibration, as well as hot and cool function, multiple technological functions for effective facial care.
* 5 modes with 3 gears: cleaning mode, hot and cool compression mode, EMS muscle lift mode, moisturizing mode and collagen metabolism mode, 3 gears. This machine can target different skin types for different skin needs.
* Premium quality: Anti-allergy control panel with large touch area and ABS handle for more friendly and safe use on skin.
User-friendly design: Large LCD screen for easier reading, convenient dock design for convenient charging and storage.
Multi-function: Lift and firm muscles, improve skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, rejuvenate and whiten skin, massage and soothe muscles, and better absorb nutrition.

Various technology:

1) EMS microcurrents: Stimulates EMS microcurrents deep into subcutaneous tissue and muscle, stimulates metabolism and reproduction and cell collagen. It can help restore skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles.
2) Sound function: When the sound function works on the skin, it can help to vibrate the skin cells to gently massage, improve the circulation of blood and lymph on the spot.
3) Blue Light Care: Blue light effectively reduces inflammation and anti-acne, shrinks pores, balances oil and water.
4) Red light care: Promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition, to be able to fight oxidation and restore skin successfully.
5) Ionic and anion function: effective to conduct in the lotion for better nutrient absorption, as well as effectively conduction impurities out.