Acrylic And Dipping Powder

Dipping_Powder_System TGEL_POLISH
Bond The first step in embedded systems. This ensures all the layers stick easily, tighter and also nourishes the nails.
 Base Coat The second step in the dipping system is used before dipping into the dough; No.2 water will cause the powder to adhere to the nail and maintain its long-term durability. Special water # 2_Base Coat is odorless, not spicy, does not have powder extruded.
Activator The next step in the embedded system # 3_Activator is used to harden the dough and seal all previous coatings so that the nail can be sanded and polished. # 3_Activator dries very fast, odorless, does not make No. 4 and No. 2 hard brush, does not break the dough, keep the color of the powder.
Top Coat is the top coat just like any other top layer for shine and nail protection. It is specially formulated to work with dough. # 4_Top_Coat is especially gel-like and makes sure your nails don't stain.
➡️➡️Have strong, lightweight and durable nails with easy-to-use dip powder. Tgel_Polish dip powder with all natural ingredients and added vitamins and calcium to strengthen nails naturally. Everything is available at nails supply.